Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spring Fever Challenge: Week 9

What have you done this past week to help achieve your goals?
  • I definately didn't do enough working out this past week with driving back into town Monday, being exhausted and working till 8pm Tuesday, hangin out with the BF alot and much more.  It was a super busy week at work, because someone from corporate was in our office, so I was tired every evening. But anyways.....on to what I did to help achieve my goals:  I made good choices with food and stayed on track with calories.  I got a hydration pack for running this summer, so I don't dehyrdrate.  I also got really healthy groceries....lots of fruit and veggies :)
What did you do this past week to make you feel good about yourself?
  • Well, this morning I decided to try on 3 pairs of old jeans...and....guess what. (Drum roll)  I am wearing jeans I bought my freshman yr of college.  Woohooo!!!!!  On Sunday, I got (well my parents got for me)  a fancy new business professional black suit and I love it!!!  All my blazers are too big, so I was super excited to get some new work clothes. :) 
With two full weeks left in the challenge, what goals are you making your priority?
  • I am making getting to the 150's a priority.  I weighed in this morning at 160.8....woohoo!!  If you check the weight loss ticker at the top of my page you can see my total weight loss.  It's been going really well.
Summer is just around the corner, which season do you find the easiest to accomplish goals?
  • I think summers definately the easiest season for me to reach my goals.  The weathers good for running outside in early morning and late night hours, which are times that work for me.  Winters alot harder because of all the big holidays and the cold weather makes me wanna be lazy. lol
Fun Question: What do you miss most about being a kid?
  • Living in the same place as my family (the same house lol).  My family is now 6hrs away and I miss them alot!!!  I go see them every chance I get, but I sure wish we could have weekly family dinners, go to church together and just meet randomly for lunch. :)  Maybe someday I can convince them to move here. hehe
Hope everyone has had a great weekend!!!  ~Kendra~

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