Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are you getting married??

So apparently people at work have started to take obvious notice of my weight loss.  A few days ago a coworker walked up to me, nugged me and said "Are you getting married?"  To which, I replied "No, why?"  She then went on to say how most women loose weight when they're about to get married, so she figured that's why I was.  Wow! lol

Another person saw me in the hall and was like "Oh wow (With a look of Have you been loosing weight?"  I said "Yes" Then he went on to say "How are you doing it?"   I follow that with "well, eating healthy and exercising alot." 

I'm not gonna lie, I am enjoying the attention and the fact people are noticing my hard work.....but I would like to make something clear to those people and myself.  It's not just about losing weight, I'm getting healthy.  I am NOT doing it for a man, a relationship or any one event....I'm doing it for myself, my health, my future and my life. :)  What I typed that sounded a little harsh, but it was not at all meant that way. It was just a light hearted reflection and a realization of how much of a mental journey and growth this process really is. Basically, I am just using this little forum to remind myself why I'm doing all this hard may be selfish, but it's for me.  ~Kendra~

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  1. I feel like a bunch of people on my FB friends list are on the healthy bandwagon temporarily just for a wedding so I can understand where these questions are coming from.

    Your reasons are not harsh at all. Your reason is exactly why this time my weightloss has succeeded instead of previous attempts when I was trying to satisfy someone else's needs (parents expectations, fitting in college with the size 0-2 girls in my sorority and ex's)

    :) Good for you! It must feel fab to get NOTICED for all your hard work!