Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Turn it all around....

Last week was tough, because I was insanely busy......

Monday night I walked 2.5miles with a friend. 
Tuesday I got off work at 8pm and didn't feel well, so I skipped working out and went straight to bed when I got home.
Wednesday I did an at home workout from April's issue of Shape magazine.
Thursday I went to dinner and shopping with a friend, then rented a movie with my boyfriend, so I missed working out.
Friday I got off work at 5pm and drove 6hrs to my hometown, so I could participate in the MS Walk saturday.
Saturday I did the 2 mile (full of hills) MS Walk, which went great.  I finished in 2nd place. :)
Sunday I drove 6hrs back, lunch with my boyfriend (Pizza buffet: I had 2 slices, 2 cheese sticks and a cinnamion stick....omg! That was my cheat for the week)  After lunch I got groceries and then rested the rest of the day. 

As you can see....I only ended up working out 3 days last week.  Not good!!  I ussually workout at least 5 days a week.  Plus I splurged on pizza, which I never do...I pretty much stick to 100% healthy food.  So last week my weight didn't change much at all...I went down a little, but not as much as I hoped.

So this week I'm determined to turn it all around and keep up the pace I've had since I started....despite last weeks little crazyness.  I plan to workout at least 5 days this week!  I didn't get my workout in Monday, because I had to take Jackson, my jackrussell, to the vet, which made me late for work, so I had to work till 8pm and got home super late.   Last night, Tuesday, I worked till 8pm again, but I managed to get in 100 crunches before work.  Then I did a run that night, which went really well...It was probably half a mile, butI ran about 90% of I was pretty proud of myself.  Hoping to fit in another run tonight!  Also did 100 crunches this morning. :)

I have also lost 1.6lbs this week....Yay!!!  Hoping to keep up the good work...especially since I'm about 7lbs away from reading the 1/2 way point to my weight loss goal.  So exciting!!  

Hope all of you are doing well too.  ~Kendra~

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