Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Survive & Thrive Challenge

You’ll receive tips on goal setting, avoiding the jiggle and getting rid of that yucky bloat. PLUS, I’ll be mixing in special incentives and freebies along the way!
You’ll also get an invite to my New Year, New You special group kicking off in January 2015!
Now before you get all freaked out....
I'm all about living a healthy, happy, and balanced life.  That being said, no food is off limits during this challenge....just remember, everything in moderation. Also, how you speak to yourself is just as important as your nutrition and workouts. Positivity is an important part of this group too.

The Pinterest Holiday Survive and Thrive Challenge will last 1 week and will focus on SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE things to make your holidays even better!

How do you RSVP to our special Pinterest Party?

RePin the picture above (Also shown on the board above.)
You can also join our Pinterest Healthy Holiday Challenge Group on Facebook for even more updates!

What will you get out of the Pinterest Holiday Survive and Thrive Challenge?

  • Each day I'll be sharing a healthy tip, recipe, or habit that will help you have a happy and healthy holiday season!
  • Each pin will also have a full post linked to it so you get even MORE helpful information and motivation.
  • And what’s motivation without some friends? We’ll be checking the Pinterest Healthy Holiday threads everyday to see how you are doing! So invite your friends and comment along the way.
  • There will be some FREE EXTRAS along the way too….because who doesn’t love free stuff?!  (I know I do!)
To get the MOST out of the Holiday Survive and Thrive Challenge,  I recommend also joining in on the  AWESOME Facebook group HERE.
This is not mandatory, but it will greatly help you stay committed to your goals!

Follow the board here

Ask a friend to join as well to keep you excited, accountable, and having FUN this month! Starting Dec 15th!
Remember, your health is going to make the holidays better. Feeling energetic instead of tired and being able to get into any outfit you want instead of having to shimmy and shake into those skinny jeans is going to make everyday a little more special and a whole lot less stressful. Be kind to yourself and your body this season, and just enjoy this special time of the year!

Are you in for our Pinterest Holiday Challenge?

Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group too! 

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