Saturday, December 20, 2014

6 Tips for Overcoming Holiday Stress

1. Exercise Regularly. The best thing to do about the unavoidable going way overboard during the holidays is by exercising regularly. A good sweat does wonders for the toxins and extra calories from all the holiday activities while also relieving built up stress.

2. Have a plan. Buy a calendar or daily planner.  Then start listing all the activities that you want to attend during the holidays: concerts, church events, family gatherings and such all need to be listed on it. Keep it handy and make a rule: It must be on the calendar if it's going to happen. This keeps everyone aware of whats going on, when and everyone stays informed and doesn't miss out.

3. Schedule alone time.  It's easy to get carried away with scheduling and planning out every second of the holidays.  Just remember to squeeze in some alone time for your own sake. Sometimes we just need a break from our own go-getter schedule.

4. Be flexible. Just because you wanted to go to a Christmas musical doesn’t mean your whole family wants to too. Be ready to's ok to go with your Plan B. There will always be unplanned things that come or or changes in your carefully crafted plans. If you stay flexible, you’ll be much less stressed heading into the new year!

5. Don't over book.  By doing less, you might actually enjoy and relax during the holidays more. Trying saying no to at least one holiday activity so you have more time to just soak in the season and relax at home with your family.

6. Go gadget free.  When at holiday events and parties, turn the phone on silent, say goodbye to Facebook and just be present in the moment.  The constant ringing, buzzing and vibrating of our phones can actually cause us to have elevated stress levels, so turn them off when possible at family gatherings and holiday events.


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