Tuesday, December 16, 2014

8 Ways to Loose the Dreaded Holiday Bloat

I absolutely love the holidays, the time with family, shopping, sparkling lights and all of the Christmas decorations! I have a hard time avoiding all the seasonal treats and chocolate-y foods though can lead to bloat....even eating when you eat them in moderation. Here are 8 tips to lose that yucky holiday bloat. 

8 Ways to Loose the Dreaded Holiday Bloat:

1. Stay hydrated. 
We’ve heard it a million times, but, as for most things, it's easier said then done. Start by setting a reminder in your phone or carry a water bottle everywhere you go. Water helps flush out all the toxins in your body from those processed holiday treats.  Plus, dehydration can lead to constipation and bloat which give you that uncomfortable, over-stuffed feeling. Remember, if you feel thirsty–you are already dehydrated. Drink BEFORE your mouth has a chance to get dry. 

2. Don't add extra salt to your foods. 
Salt causes you to retain water next time you reach for the salt shaker just say NO! Extra sprinkles of salt aren't the only way we get too much sodium. Do your best to cut down on high-sodium foods like hot dogs, cottage cheese, bacon, soy sauce, and chips. 

3. Go bananas for potassium. 

Potassium helps balance out your body when you may have indulged in some extra salt.  Plus, it's a yummy snack for to long weight between breakfast and that yummy holiday meal ((Ours always ends up being later than planned. haha)

4. Stay active. 
Even just 10 minutes of movement is a whole lot better than laying on the couch all day watching holiday parades and football with your family.  It will just take a few minutes and you'll feel much better afterwards!  It will also help you de-stress from the hustle and bustle of a house full of family and friends. 

5. Limit gas-y foods. 

Foods like beans, broccoli, pears, onions and carbonated drinks actually create more gas inside your body.  Just like a balloon...the more air (or gas, in this case) the more full you'll feel (and look).   

6.  Have your morning cup of tea, green tea that is.

Green tea boosts your metabolism naturally.  It will also keep you full and satisfied in-between meals.  My fav flavor is peach mango green tea....give it a try! ;-)

7.  Take it slow.

Chew your food slowly and in small bites. This helps with digestion and allows less air to make it's way into your tummy.  It also allows you to notice when you feel full and help you to avoid over-stuffing your self.

8.  Buddy up.

Tell your friend, your hubby or sen join the Bombshell Evolution Fit Club.  Support and accountability will help you stick to all of the above and avoid the bloat all together.  As corny as it sounds, teamwork really does make the dream (or goal) work.....so get with your team (whether it's your bestie, boyfriend, hubby or coworker) and go to work on reaching your goals.  If I can do it, I know you can too!

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