Monday, December 29, 2014

For Online Health and Fitness Accountability –> Add Me as Your Beachbody Coach

Join Team Bombshell Evolution for daily accountability, biweekly video chats, monthly challenge groups, & giveaways and MUCH MORE through my FREE Health and Fitness Team!

It's a fun group of around 50 ladies in a private (so no one besides us can see what we post!) Facebook group, blog with health & fitness tips along with biweekly weight loss support video chats. I also do challenge groups and offer giveaways/prizes along the way. The majority of our group is women ages 25-40. We all doing different types of workouts, but I can guarantee someone in the group has similar goals as you. Are you ready to get plugged in? Well then continue reading for directions on how to join in for FREE!!

What is the FREE Bombshell Evolution Fit Club?

Joining the fit club gets you access an exclusive closed Facebook group, one-on-one coaching, first dibs on upcoming challenge groups and giveaways to keep you motivated & accountable! Plus it’s absolutely FREE!

So why do you have to sign up?

As your coach, you are a priority to me. I will both help you get your healthiest & fittest through my mentorship.  As a teammate, it shows you've made the same commitment to the group. While I'd love for EVERYONE to succeed in meeting their health and fitness goals, being on Team Bombshell Evolution allows us to be connected, avoid any combinations with other fitness professionals (these could effect your success and overwhelm you!), and it keeps my business alive so I can CONTINUE helping those who want help!

How do you Add Team Bombshell Evolution as your Online Health and Fitness Coach?

CLICK HERE to sign up for the team. The team is part of the Team Beachbody club. By signing up, you won’t get any junk mail; this is just a way for me to track everyone’s name, email, etc. It comes in handy when you have a question or win the monthly prize. Then please send me a Friend Request so I can add you to our group, the Bombshell Evolution Fit Club.
**NOTE** If you already have a Team Beachbody account, you were more than likely assigned a coach, and if you like to be my team, you will need to make a coach switch.
To make a coach switch, you simply have to send a one line email to and tell them that you want me to be your coach: Kendra Taylor,, Coach ID: 305257
That’s all! It just takes about 5 minutes. Even if you are unsure what program is right for you or hesitate to set your fitness goals, go ahead and sign up–it may be just the step in the right direction that you’ve been needing!

Now, let’s get started! Join our Fit Club Now!!

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