Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Healthy Holiday Present--> Striiv Fusion Fitness Tracker

Did you get any health & fitness related presents for Christmas this year?  I hit the jackpot when my hubby got me a Striiv Fusion Fitness Activity Tracker.  I had been eyeing it, googling it and reading every review of fitness trackers I could get my hands on and I was sold on this one, because of how it also acts like a Smart Watch.  Love the fitness/techy combo!!

I thought I'd share a little info on it with y'all just in case you're thinking off trying it out.  I've never been a big watch wearer, but I LOVE to accessorize by layering bracelets so the FIRST major concern for me was that it wasn't big and bulky like a sports watch.  This ones slim and just looks like a black it blends with my other arm candy.

I also love the way it displays my steps, sends push notifications when I get texts, calls or FB messages and I can even control my phone's music right from the tracker.  Love it!

The packaging it came in was also really nice....PLUS the instructions was super simple to follow.  I hate reading pages and pages on instructions, so that was nice!!

I have only been using it for 2 days, so I don't have an official decision on it yet, but it sure has been fun to use so far!!  

Have you tried using a fitness tracker?  Which one?  How'd you like it?  ~Kendra~

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