Friday, December 19, 2014

5 Simple Ways to Knock Out Colds Fast

Check out these 5 day things to do to knock out your cold.  Don't just wait it out!!

1. Take a hot shower.  If you're stuffed up a steamy shower is sure to help!! The steam will help to open and clear your sinuses.

2. Drink hot tea. It's not just a yummy way to stay also helps bring relief to your sore throat.

3. Gargle salt water. It may not taste as good as hot tea, but it will surely help relieve a sore throat.  Just try it:  Gargle a little warm water with a dash of salt mixed in.

4. Get some rest. Colds can make you extra let yourself be tired.  Go get those PJs on and hop back in bed!!

5. Use a humidifier. It will add humidity to the room and help ease congestion.  

Which tip are you going to point to use?  All of them?  Share below your fav tip for knocking out colds.

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