Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Beachbody Referral Program

My new Referral Program is a way to reward my awesome customers! I'm so excited to see you all having such great success with your Beachbody Program and Shakeology. Of course, you've probably bragging to your friends about how this whole Beachbody thing works. That’s AWESOME! It gets more people excited about getting in shaping and changing their lives. I will give you a gift for referrals to those that sign up with me as their coach.
(Haven’t signed up for our team yet? Sign up for our FREE team to get access to our private Facebook group, exclusive team information, and the referral program!)

4 Ways to Earn with Our Referral Program

1. Get 10 People to Sign Up for the Free Team Beachbody Membership
10 referrals = Your free personalized water bottle.
2. Get 1 person to sign up for the Premium Team Beachbody Membership or Buy a Fitness Program (value less than $49.95)
1 referral = 1 Shakeology individual packet and a Shakeology Shaker Cup

3. Get 1 person to get on Shakeology Home Delivery or Complete Fitness Program (value of $49.95 or more)
1 referral = 2 shakeology individual packets AND a Shakeology Shaker Cup
4. Become a Coach or get a friend to coach (once they become “active” with me as upline coach) =
TurboFire by Chalene Johnson
TurboFire HIIT DVD
1 referral = Your choice Workout DVDs:
INSANITY® Fast and Furious DVD
Brazil Butt Lift® Leandros Secret Weapon Workout
Hip Hop Abs Extreme DVD
Turbo Jam Live
TurboFire Greatest HIITs DVD
or a Team Bombshell Evolution Tshirt

Now…to insure you get the credit. Join Team Beachbody, if you haven’t already, and select me as your coach. 
Then the client who you are referring must:
Email me at: and let me know that you are the person referring him or her as me for their coach.
Sign up for a membership with either the free or premium Team Beachbody with me as their coach. 
I will notify you once the client has signed up and met one of the above criteria, i.e, free membership, premium, Shakeology, fitness program or coach. Questions? Email me   Thanks!  ~Kendra~

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