Friday, April 4, 2014

Team Cup Prizes and little blessings galore!!

I was soooo excited when I came home from work to these little prizes that my team and I worked so hard for during Beachbody's Team Cup challenge in February.  I officially hit emerald...added 4 coaches to my team and even qualified for awesome prizes. Seriously, Beachbody gives so many opportunities beyond just earning extra income....just the friendships alone making becoming a part of this business worth it!!

Here are the prizes I got so far...A beach body blanket and football.  We also earned a cooler, which should arrive in a few weeks.  Perfect prizes for spring and summer!!

I just can NOT get enough of all there is going on.  If that wasn't enough to get me motivated, my team also helped me earn that ALL EXPENSE PAID trip to Pittsburgh for a retreat weekend with a ton of my fellow coaches.  It's like every month there's a new incentive to succeed and not only succeed, but kick it up a notch and aim for more.  Love that!!!  

Around Christimas time, my boss even sent me a present....that adorable little silver Kate Spade trinket.  So sweet!!!  Then at the retreat she gave EVERYONE adorable journals to track their activities and keep notes.  I seriously use mine everyday.  

What 9-5 job would offer prizes, free trips and sweet gifts for essentially doing your job?  Yeah, I'm pretty sure most would be like "Umm, that's why we pay you that little paycheck lady."  lol So thanks Beachbody for motivating me to be a leader, be my best and help everyone around me by encouraging them and passing on the positivity. Go Team Bombshell Evolution.

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