Thursday, April 24, 2014

21 Day Fix: Lower Fix

This workout was tough...when you notice that it's just 4 rounds of 2 movements each round, you think it'll be easy.....Oh, no!! ((Luckily, there's a modifier who uses lower weights, plus someone who uses bands....perfect for every fitness level.)) Watch out though.....some of the movements are done for 50 seconds and then you have to HOLD for the last 10 seconds. When I first saw Autumn show the next move, I would think it was going to be too easy, but the repetition and hold at the end REALLY gets the job done!! Sumo Squats for an entire minutes with weights were SUPER tough! Since you hold weights for a lot of the moves, you end up getting a pretty great arm workout too....Love it!!

After the fourth round, there's even a bonus workout!!! Trust me, you'll feel the burn in your legs for the ENTIRE 30 minutes! My thighs and hips are my 'problem' areas and I think Lower Fix is going to be an awesome way to get those in their best shape yet It also makes me wonder how challenging tomorrow's workout is gonna be....Oh my!!  This program is tough in a different way than any program I've done....I love it.  The meal plan's simple and the workouts are short, sweet and focused....AWESOME!!  

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