Monday, April 28, 2014

21 Day Fix: Week One Results

Week One of the 21 Day Fix went pretty great....I had already planned to use Saturday as a cheat day (I know, it's supposed to be a cheat meal, but it was my 1 year wedding anniversary so I splurged).  I ate a 21 Day Fix breakfast, but ate out for lunch and dinner, plus tasted a small slice of our wedding cake.  The other days I stayed 100% on track with eating and the proud of myself, because some(too many)times the weekends are a complete mess of busy-ness and unhealthy food.  I am already obsessed with this program, it's my fav Beachbody program without a doubt!  The meal plan fits me and makes planning easy...the workouts are only 30 minutes & the trainers awesome.  It's really all about finding your 'soulmate' workout and using your enjoyment of the program to keep you on track. :-D 

So what did I learn this week?  Well, check it out: 
1. I 'm ussually a pretty clean eater, but I was definitively over eating on healthy food! I was eating waaaay to many sweet potatoes and brown rice. I was also overeating peanut butter....seriously, at least 3 times what I should be sticking too....Opps!  

2. The containers are NOT really as small as they look at first glance! (Seriously!!) When I first opened up the package I was surprised by the size of the containers. I thought for sure I would be hungry throughout the day, but I have not been! When you poor the containers out on to your plate it's kind of shocking how much was inside that feeling!!  

3. I've learned that a 30 minute workouts each day with just 8 exercises works...and even after doing programs like P90X, I was still SUPER sore from this program.  It's a whole new kind of soreness, in a very good way. hehehe Sitting down and walking up stairs were sometimes very slow processes. ;-)  The buns and thighs were BURNING!!

4. People are always watching, whether they say anything or not.  For example, my hubby said he would not be participating in this program, but after silently watching me after workouts, whine about being sore, show off my less puffy tummy and talk about how awesome it was, he's decided to join me for the rest of the program....Yay!!!  I love having him as a workout buddy!!  ((Just a reminder to be an example for those around you, even if they literally tell you they're not doing it lol)) 

Here are my pics I took the day before starting the 21 Day Fix....

 And here are my Week One Results: ((WOOHOO))

Check out the side by side...I can see a BIG difference, can you? :-)

In regards to weight, I only lost a pound, but that may be due to that fact that it's my 'time of the month.' (Blah!)  Whatever....I'm totally satisfied with this week, I feel better, more energized and I am amped to keep going!! :-)

Week 2 has officially started and I can't wait to see how it goes!!! I will keep you updated on how it's going of course....let me know if you have any questions about the program or any other Beachbody programs....I'd be glad to help you find one that's your "soulmate" program!! 

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