Saturday, April 26, 2014

A day "Off"-Anniversary Celebration

Today was an awesome day....almost everything went as planned.  I woke up and ate a yummy breakfast, which was 21 Day Fix approved: Green tea, toast, fruit and 2 hard boiled eggs....yummy!!  Then for a snack I had some carrots. After the hubby woke up, we got dressed and headed out for a day (in his words) "all about me." ((He's the best!!)

At that point, my day got exciting and my eating got TOTALLY off track....I planned for this little venture off track, but man is my tummy sorry! hehe To celebrate out 1 year wedding anniversary, the hubs & I had lunch at Cheesecake Factory, then I spent the day shopping at the mall and thrift shops. Let's just say I am ALL stocked up!!

So, as I was saying, we celebrated our wedding anniversary and had such a good time.  Gosh, I can't believe how fast a year flew by!!  So much has changed in a year....we got married, moved in together, bought a house, job changes, I became a Beachbody coach, we both got cars, we went on a TON of road was a GREAT year and a huge learning experience.  I wouldn't trade any of it and I can't wait to see what this new year brings. ((Hopefully a baby....God willing.))  And now, let's look back at some wedding day fun <3 p="">
I was peeking through the curtains watching my hubby arrive at the venue 

The pic we took for our "Thank You" photo albums we gave out to our families.

Our BEAUtiful wedding cake & the cake topper I made.
(My hubby's name is Beau, so I thought a bow on our cake was a must! hehe)

Here we are having cake on our wedding day....

So tonight we capped the day off by eating a piece of the top layer from our wedding cake.  Yeah, when I said I went off track, I wasn't kidding lol  But honestly, my 1 year anniversary only happens ONCE :-)  I'm also glad I did it, because now  have absolutely NO desire to veer off the plan for the rest of the program (or longer....seriously)

I've felt awesome this week with the workout routine & clean eating, but after all the fun and my eating today, I feel crummy and my tummy is in knots. It's also a reminder of how my eating had definitely been off track before doing the 21 Day Fix, because eating out didn't bother me that much, which (I'm guessing) means my body was used to have more processed, unhealthy foods.  I am so excited for tomorrow...not only am I back on the plan, but my husband has decided to join me....yay!!! 

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