Wednesday, May 7, 2014

21 Day Fix: Week 2 Review

I'm technically on Week 3 of the fix, but haven't done a workout yet this week, thanks to a lovely little Upper Respiratory infection that has set in. I've been laying on the couch, trying not to cough, begging out on Army Wives on Netflix.

So back to the update....Week 2 of the fix went really well!!  The food plan is so easy to stick with, I haven't been hungry and the workouts are so fun.  I love this program, seriously!!  Since sickness set in at the very end of Week 2, I didn't get a chance to take progress pics, but here is a pic I snapped after a workout:

I feel like this program is really helping me to tone.  Hopefully, after i kick this bug, I can finish off this last week strong.  Either way, I will be doing a Round 2 right away.  The hubs and I leave for our Anniversary trip on May 24th, so I'll keep it up until then.  We'll be gone for 5 days, but once we're back I want to start ANOTHER round....yes, I have BIG plans for this program.

Here are two meals I enjoyed from Week 2, check em out:

2 eggs, toast w/ jelly & a small orange

Chicken, with green beans and lite Ceasar dressing

Here are some goals:
-See those abs!! (I've never, ever had abs, so this will be HUGE!!)
-Loose the last 17lbs by July 4th (My accountability partner and I thought it'd be great to give our goals some deadlines.)
-Hit Diamond in my Beachbody business.

Being sick has been a bit of a set back, but that's not going to keep me from my goals....progress may be slow some times, but I will get there!!! :-D  I know you can too!!  I actually have a challenge group starting May 12th and I'd love for you to join in so we can keep each other accountable.  If your interested, please fill out the Challenge Group Application HERE.

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