Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Dream Board

You can't accomplish goals that you've never set (Easy enough to understand, right?) here are my goals and dreams that I plan to accomplish this year.  I've been thinking about these for far too's time to jot 'em down and put it ALL out there/  (Feel free to hold me accountable!)

1. I want to lose the last 15lbs.  (I've already lost over 60lbs and this will put me at my ULTIMATE goal weight.)

2.I want to become a Diamond in my business and help at least 2 of my coaches become Diamonds too.

3.  Match my full-time weekly income with Beachbody.  #ThanksBeachbody

4.  Blog consistently!  At least 5 x a week! (No excuses!!!)

5.  Create 1 NEW video a week to publish to YouTube

6.  Go on a BIG anniversary trip with my hubby.  (Crushing this goal in May...woot, woot!)

7.  Share my faith and passions with others, not just on social media, but in my daily life. (Getting way out of my comfort zone)

8.   Recommit to doing activities that make me my BEST ASSET!  

9. Grow my social reach by utilizing Pinterest and Instagram more effectively. (Do trainings, work on them and help them grow.)

10. Have faith in God's plan for my lil family and just ENJOY the journey.  ((When God's ready to bless us with a little baby, we'll be so happy, but until then we'll continue to enjoy our marriage to the fullest!)

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