Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why I became and Beachbody Coach and how it’s changed my life

At the end of October 2013, I decided I needed a bit of a change…I had done p90x in the past and was about to start another round with my hubby.  We enjoyed the workouts and how much it had helped our fitness improve.  I looked online for some tips and tricks to eat healthier while following the program…..that’s when I stumbled upon my coach’s blog.  After seriously reading her entire blog in one weekend,  I talked about it to my husband and decided to sign up as a coach.

I had not even had an actual conversation with her, but her story inspired me…so I jumped on the idea.  Then in November, my family hit a bit of a rough patch and money became super tight…we were stressed and overwhelmed with everything…unable to relax and worried for the security of my little family, I sent my coach a tearful message telling her that I would work as hard as possible to move my business forward to help my family reach financial freedom.

In January my business really began to take off…it took time and some hard work, but my income steadily increased, my team started to grow and the stress started to fade.  Now I am consistently making enough to make both of our car payments each month.  What an amazing BLESSING this business has been to me, my family and the people I have met along the way. 

I am looking for more ladies like me, who are:

-Ready to make a BIG change in their lives
-Willing to work hard to reach their goals
-Have a passion for health and fitness
-Love helping people

If that sounds like you, then fill out this application so I can learn more about you and then we can connect to discuss the opportunity further:

I am sooo excited to have the opportunity to share Beachbody with others…Taking a leap of faith can really change your life. 

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