Friday, March 28, 2014

Personal Development....Go Get You Some!!

I believe that success starts with you and a strong sense of faith in yourself with a willingness to grow. It's one of the vital behaviors of being a Team Beachbody coach....Personal Developmeny. I'm so thankful that this company encourages it's coaches to continually learn, grow and evolve.  It's not just about physical health or exercise, they care about your mentality and knowledge too.

Change totally makes people uncomfortable, I mean, it totally makes ME UNCOMFORTABLE sometimes (especially since I used to be content being a wall flower).  That's exactly why getting more personal development is so helps me to be bold and encouraged enough to JUMP outside my comfort zone.

Growing up, I was ALWAYS stuck in my own little bubble, terrified of what others thought of my every single move. I always worked soooo hard to fit in and was terrified to stand out. I made responsible decisions, never got into trouble, did EXACTLY what my parents said...which is all good and well, but fear was ALWAYS holding me back.  

Fear of what would people would think of me, fear of failure, and the list goes on.  WHO CARES what others think?!  I recently heard a quote that i now LOVE:  "What others think of you is none of your business."   Letting go of that little by little has seriously made a HUGE difference in my life. You have to surround yourself with the right people though. Remember, change makes people uncomfortable…Not just you, but the people around you. They may wonder WHY you are doing it?….but follow your heart and passion, because sooner or later they will ask you HOW you have made such an amazing change.  It may take time, but people will notice the changes you're making.

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