Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Work Travel-->> Chicago, IL

I love that my social media job has started taking me on more and more adventures....from retreats with my health & fitness teammates to lots of fun weekend trips for social media events this year.  I have always loved to travel....there's just something about being in airports, people-watching and discovering new places. I just LOVE it!

This past weekend I went to Chicago for a super quick work there Friday evening and headed back home Saturday night. 

Before heading out for my trip on Friday morning, I got my 21 Day Fix Extreme workout in:

Kendra Taylor's photo.
Then went to work for a few hours, headed to the airport and took off for Chicago.
Kendra Taylor's photo.
After a few delays and some crazy traffic, we FINALLY made it to our hotel around 8pm.  We stayed at the Palmer House Hilton and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
The ceiling in the looby was breath taking!!
Kendra Taylor's photo.
And I just could not get enough of my chic, little room!  ((That chair though...))
We quickly took our stuff to our rooms and headed out to try some of Chicago's famous deep dish pizza....and let me tell you, when they say deep dish, they aren't kidding!!
By the time we got done at the resturant it was waaay past my normal 9:30pm (I know, I'm an old lady) bedtime. haha  So I went back to my room, got ready for bed and hit the sack.
I got up about 5am to get a workout in before heading to my work event.
21 Day Fix Extreme- Plyo Extreme
The hotel gym was amazing.....warm towels, fresh fruit, tons of equipment.  It looked like a swanky little boutique gym.  I could workout there every day!!! haha
After the gym, I got ready for the event and headed down to the hotel resturant for breakfast.  I had my shakeology, plus cereal and a bowl of fruit.
After that we all headed to the work event, which was rather slow...I made tons of phone calls to drum up some more traffic, but it stayed pretty slow until the end of the event.
After the event ended, we had to head straight for the airport since traffic was crazy and our flight was scheduled to board in just a few hours.  We grabbed an early dinner at the airport....I got a yummy tomato soup with a fancy name and a little side salad. After all that pizza, I didn't want anything too heavy.
After dinner, I picked up some lipstick, gum and a Chicago tshirt from one of the airport gift stores, headed to our terminal and boarded the flight.  Then waited....  First our flight was delayed for mechanical reasons.  Then it started a crazy down pour with lots of lightening so they eventually shut down the flights in or out.  Then when the rain finally stopped, we had to, once again, wait for maitenance to fix the mechanical issues.  After 3 HOURS stuck sitting in the plane, we finally took off.  We landed around 11:30pm and I made it home about 1am.  Such a long day, but it was a great little trip.  I would love to go back to Chicago when I have more time to maybe see a play, go to a museum and just hangout. 
Have you ever been to Chicago?  What was your fav thing about the city?  Share in the comments below!  ~Kendra~

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