Thursday, June 11, 2015

Part One: Sticking to your workout routine when traveling or on vacation

Traveling....wether it's for work or just fun time with friends &'s easy to let your workout routine become nonexsistent and let your healthy eating plan completly fall off track, BUT it does NOT have to be that way....Seriously!  Incorporating workouts into your vacation, also, does NOT have to eat up tons of your time or room in your luggage....
Here are 5 little tips that will make working out on vacation much simpler:
1. Make a plan and stick with it.
Before your trip even begins, plan out what workouts you'll do each day and what time will be best to get them in.  Then when your traveling, make sure to stick to that workout schedule...go to bed a little early if you're planning morning workouts or make a plan for a break in your scheduled activities to do mid-day workouts.
2. Keep it simple when packing.
You don't need to lug around tons of dvds and all your workout gear just to get in a great workout on vacation. I try to keep my packing light, but packing things that can be used for multiple my workout clothes for my a.m. workouts, serve as my PJs for the night prior to my workouts....saving space and that ever-allusive morning energy. I ussually take 1 or 2 sports bras, workout shorts, a few workout tanks and one pair of tennis shoes. Also, try rolling everything up when packing it in your bag to save a little space.
2. Take advantage of Beachbody On Demand.
When you sign up for a Club Membership at, you get a FREE 30 day trial of Beachbody on Demand.  With that little feature, you can stream workouts anywhere you have your smart phone or laptop....perfect for vacation, right?! I just take my iPhone down to the hotel gym with me, prop it up against something and get to work...simple & efficent!
3. Stay on the move.
Wear your fitness tracker (I use a Striiv Fusion I got at Best Buy) and track your steps each day. You should shoot for at least 10,000 steps per day as you explore whatever location your travels have taken you to. The Striiv Fusion also comes with an app so you can see how you're doing compared to your friends and your previous days....a little healthy competition never hurt. ;-)
4. Take advantage of FREE oppourtunities to get a little exercise.
You can often find Yoga studios, gyms and fitness bootcamps that offer the 1st week google away or checkout Yelp to see what's near the area you'll be visiting and give a new place a try.  Maybe you'll find a new type of workout that you love along the way. 
5. Make the most of your surroundings.
If you've on a beach vacation, take surf lessons or go swimming.  If you're at the lake, go paddle boating or rowing.  If you're in the mountains, take a hike. Wherever you may be, I bet there's something athletic you can find to do! When my hubby and I went to Maine last year, we walked along the water, took light house tours and more....we were always on the go!
Stay tuned for Part Two: Sticking to your meal plan while traveling or on vacation.

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