Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Don't play the comparison game!

When I started my journey, of course I have those compliments from people where they appreciated my progress and I really took that in. When alone, I would take time out to look at old pictures and compare them to my progress pics.  Of course, there was a difference, but....I would always think things like
"I know I've lost  60 pounds, but I don't have abs."
“I can use 15 pound dumbbells now, but ook at what that girl does."
“My arms are getting toned, but I still have all this flabby arms when I wave."
“My thighs are smaller, but I still don't feel cute in shorts."
I added specific negative conditions to my observations.  My self-love was mixed full of self-doubt and comparison.  

 I was never truly good enough for my own standards. What I looked like and the progress I made was never enough and that made it hard to be happy with who I was.  BUT after lots of reflection, long talks with encouraging friends and of course, prayer, I was able to see that I am my own BIGGEST critic
I was the biggest obstacle getting in the way of my success: not emotional eating, not missed workouts or lack of motivation. It took a long time before I learned how to love myself UNCONDITIONALLY.
If you have or are struggle with having unconditional love for yourself, try making these promises to YOU and recommitting to them daily;

  • I promise to compliment myself every single day, no strings attached.  (Keeping a positivity or blessing journal really helps me!)
  • I promise to be specific and sincere with the compliments, because saying “you’re pretty” just isn’t going to get the job done!
  • I promise to hold myself accountable to my goals and dreams just as I would to friends or family, because I’m just as important!

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