Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Goals for October 2014

I wanted to share my goals with all of you to let you know what I'm working towards and to hold myself accountable.  Sharing and visulaizing your goals is a HUGE part of making them happen.  So here goes: 

Goals for October 2014 
Personal Goals: 
-        Do 2-a-day workouts 6 days a week. 
-        Loose 8lbs!!  ((115 BY January 2015)) 

Business Goals: 
-        Hit SC5 
-        Blog 3 times per week 
-        Start messaging people on Pinterest 
-        Get over 200 likes on my It’s My Evolution FB Like Page 
-        Add 3 new coaches 

I broke my goals down between personal and business related.  For personal goals, this month I am focusing on my workouts and weight loss.  I am so close to my ultimate weight loss goal...only about 20lbs away...but I've been holding between a 5lb range for quite a while and I need to break through!! :-) 

As far as my business goals go, I am working to really push my business to a new level this month.  I absolutely love helping people, but I noticed over the last few months I was slacking....I wasn't reaching as many people as I could and I wasn't helping enough people change their lives.  In September, I was 1 point away from hitting my Success Club goal, but this month I AM getting all 5 of those little points!! hehe  I'm also going to make sure that y'all are getting plenty of new content here on the blog and on my Facebook Like Page (PS: If you haven't checked it out yet, come on over and LIKE it!). 

What are your goals for October?  Share them below so we can encourage one another! :-)  ~Kendra~

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