Monday, September 29, 2014

Feel like quitting?

We all know there are times when quit something is actually a good thing whether it's a bad habit, a negative relationship, or even a job that doesn't align with your goals. In those instances, quitting can be a HUGE step in a positive direction! 

BUT (and this is a big but, by the way lol) quitting is NOT always a good option!  When deciding whether to not to quit something, start by looking back at why you started.  Was it to make a positive change in your lie?  Was it to work towards an ultimate goal you'd set?  Is it a required stepping stone to reach those goals? 

Taking the time to reflect, review and analyze can really open your eyes and help make the 'quitting decision' much easier. This moment of reflection can be the turning point where you made the choice to strive onward despite obstacles or the day you move past negative energy in pursuit of God's calling for your life.  Make the moment count! :-) 

Your ARE worth putting in the hard work needed to reach those goals. WHY did you start, and what will quitting accomplish? Think about those questions when the road gets rocky and your will to keep going wears thin.  Your 'WHY' needs to be soo strong and so important to YOU that is can push you out of that hole and get you moving forward.   

Take time today to think about your WHY and really DIG DEEP so that it's something that will motivate you to push on throughout your journey!  ~Kendra~

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