Friday, April 1, 2011

Working out...

So, I have been working out a ton this week, but I think I'm going to tak the weekend off. My dr told me at the beginning of this weightloss journey I need to talk working out slow....just start by walking. So I walked for a week before trying out the eliptical....I love doing the eliptical and feel like a burn a ton of calories and feel so good after the workout. The only downside is....I can't get past 183....I've been around 183 all week. I'm ready to see more movement. Last week, I was losing every day. I don't think it's what I am eating, because I am staying right on target with my 1,200 calorie plan. So, what is it? I'm trying not to.....but I'm starting to get a little frustrated. So, I am planning to take the weekend off from working out...besides doing some crunches each day just to keep me moving. Anyone have any ideas what I get do to get out of this little rut?? ~Kendra~


  1. Do you tend to eat the same things daily? If so try mixing up your food or try a different type of work out or work out at a different time of day!!! Hope you figure something out to get the scale moving again!! GL!

  2. Thanks Jess...I think I figured it out. I was doing too much exercise for the amount of calories I was eating...I added 100-200more cals a day and also added some variety to my food and I am starting to loose again...Yay!!! Thanks for the advice! :)