Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In

I think I am going to start doing weekly Weigh-ins. If you'd like to see my weight updates before the weekly weigh-ins, you can just look at my Lilyslim weightloss tracker at the top of my page. :) But, I thought it would be fun to do weekly weigh-ins showing my weight loss chart and how I have been progressing, so here goes....

I just love seeing all those exciting!!!  I only updated the chart when I have a weightloss, because if I put it when I maintain or gain the chart would get crowded, because there's not much room for each number.  I do keep track of my weight every day in my weightloss journal as well. :)  So as you can see on the chart, I am aty 176.6lbs.  :)  I have lost a total of 17.8lbs.  I have 41.6lbs left to loose to reach my goal of 135lbs.  I am really excited about how everything is going so far!!! Also, thanks to everyone who comments, it really is sooo motivating! ~Kendra~


  1. I really do love your weight loss chart.. it's such a cute idea.. :)

  2. Thanks, it was super easy and fun to make! :)