Monday, May 12, 2014

21 Day Fix, Round One Results

That's right, it’s results time!

From now on, for more accountability, I will be posting updates on this little ole blog every MONDAY that include:

My weight, goals for the week and a review of the previous week.  My accountability partner and I put a date on our goal is to hit 115lbs by July 4th.  That's my ultimate weight loss goal...I know I can get there!!

Starting weight: 194.4lbs This week: 132lbs
Total weight lost: 62.4lbs
This past week was the final week of Round 1 of the 21 Day Fix....unfortunately, I got sick for MOST of the week and let's be honest, when I'm sick, my eating is not on track.  Orange juice, chocolate chip cookies, and grilled cheese sandwiches. 
As the end of the week neared, I figured that I had probably gained weight, thanks to all that. And as much as that’s not really fun, and doesn’t help me reach my ultimate goal....I'm not letting it get me down...I was sick and that's happens. Plus, when I weighed, i had just maintained, so I'll take it. :-) Nobody's perfect, and to get down on myself because I decided to indulge while i was totally sick is just pointless. 

So the 21 Day Fix is totally my Soul Mate Workout...the workout that I see my self returning to time & time again. I'm even starting Round 2 today....this round will be cut short a bit, because of a trip to Maine with the hubs, but I'm Fix'n till we leave for the trip. Woot, woot!!

So here's where I started (Pre-Fix)

Then week 2 blew my socks off!!!

Check out the difference in just a week:

 Since I got sick at the end of week 2 I didn't get an official bikini pic, so this will have to do:

Here are my final results: (Only got in 1 workout during Week 3)

Here is the comparison of each week side by side:

From Day 1 to Day 21:
So it's time to set some goals for this week:
  • Follow the 21 Day Fix meal and exercise plan.
  • Pre-cook my meals for the week on Sunday and pre-portion everything so it's easy to grab and go. (Check)
  • Focus on my Beachbody business and start a Push to Emerald focus group for my coaches.
  • Read at least 15 minutes of Personal Development daily.

Let's chat in the comments section below!

How do you keep from getting frustrated or disappointed when the scale shows a gain?  How are you planning to rock it and get closer to YOUR goals this week?

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