Sunday, May 18, 2014

Meal Prepping and Ideas for the 21 Day Fix

Every Sunday at the Taylor house is grocery shopping & meal prep day.  For the 21 Day Fix (and most healthy eating meal plans) preparation is ESSENTIAL!!  If you don't prep in advance you waaay more likely to just wing it and end up eating fast food and unhealthy options that are quick.

If you meal prep once a week, the healthy options will be the quickest & easiest options....gotta love that!!  It's worth a little time just one day a week, don't yah think. ;-)

I've found some yummy combos as I've been on my journey with the 21 Day Fix, check em out:

Here's a breakdown:  (1 yellow, 1 red & 1 purple)

-Oatmeal, apple slices & 2 hard boiled eggs
-Toast w/jelly, banana & 2 hard boiled eggs
-2 slices of turkey bacon, banana & toast w/jelly
-Oatmeal, orange slices & 2 hard boiled eggs

For lunch, I've kept it simple with meat, veggies & lite dressing:

Chicken, mixed veggies & lite caesar dressing

For lunch, I've kept it simple by sticking with 1 red, 1 green and 1 orange container.

For dinners, I've stuck with 1 red, 1 green and 1 yellow container. 

Fish, Mixed Veggies & Lite Cesar Dressing

For snacks, I stick with 1 green, 1 blue, 1 purple & 1 red.  My morning snack is always 1 green & 1 blue, check out some examples:

(Sweet peppers & Hummus)

(Sugar Snap Peas & Cheese)

My afternoon snack is always exactly the same....1 purple and 1 red: A small banana & Shakeology.

(Vanilla Shakeology)

The way I stay on track is by being prepared.....everything is purchased, precooked & portioned on Sunday.  I stock up on tons of Ziploc bags to make it all work. This week I grilled a TON of chicken and turkey sausage.  Plus, I baked a bunch of mixed veggies.....just throw em on a try, put it on 450 and set a timer for about 30mins.....perfection!!

I also set out my lunch bag and all the items that don't need to be refrigerated the night Shakeology, oatmeal, supplements, green tea mix, a banana etc
Laying out everything the night before makes it so easy to grab & go quickly in the morning! After meal prepping the fridge and pantry are stocked with 21 day Fix approved goodies:

 Here's our pantry:
Ultimate Reset Maitenance Kit, Shakeology, Portioned Oatmeal, Portioned Peanuts & more

How do you meal prep for the week or do you at all?  Try it out and see how it changes your week.  I'd love to hear how you use meal planning to make eating healthy easier for you during a busy week!