Saturday, November 9, 2013

Weekly Outfit Round Up

Friday I wore the above outfit. Several special pieces: the hubs got me that bracelet way back on our 1yr dating anniversary and I got the scarf on our honeymoon. <3

The thing I loved about the outfit above is how much the hubs liked it. We often have very different tastes in my clothing (haha), but he genuinely liked it...Win!!

Got the above dress for $3 and the belt for $1 both from Goodwill...Jackpot!!!

Got the mint top to wear on my honeymoon, but it was too it fits, Yay!!!

2 awesome things about this outfit...the scarf was 75cents at Goodwill and this is my 1st ever pair of size 2 pants :-)

Which outfit from this week is your fav? ~Kendra~

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