Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weekly Outfit Round Up & A Look Back

This week I didn't take many outfit pics since we've been busy for Thanksgiving, so I thought I do some outfits and a little look back at my journey. 

Love mixing patterns and colors. The outfit above was easy and comfortable...perfect for the busy week we had!! 

Tuesday I decided to brighten things up with some hot pink pants, an oversized top and a striped scarf...cozy & bright!!

I was thinking about my journey this weekend as my lovely MeMe and her friends told me (repeatedly) that I shouldn't loose ANY more weight or I'd be too skinny. Lol Oh, grandmas! :-) Gotta love em!!! When I first started this journey, it was all about feeling pretty/ good enough, but (thankfully) along the way it evolved into WAAAY more! It's about being the best, healthiest ME I can be....not comparing myself to someone else's best, just loving and working towards my own. The below picture shock me EVERY time! How time has flown and changes have come. I'm so thankful God placed this passion in my heart! 

What's your passion? What have you done today to embrace and improve it?  ~Kendra~

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