Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 30 P90X Update

So I took pictures on Day 1 a while back and now it's time for an update....Day 30 pics.  OMG!! Putting yourself out there online is always oh so fun. I am just so happy to be able to share my journey with all of you.  For a quick recap, I started out at 194.lbs in 2011, lost over 60lbs by working out, lowering my calorie intake and trying to eat clean. I got engaged in late 2012 and married in early 2013...during the engagement/first few months of marriage, I got a bit lazy.  More eating out, less working out.  I realized what was happening and decided to make a change before I backslided.  I hadn't gained any weight, I had just lost most of my muscle tone. I looked heavier, even though I wasn't.

Cue P90X....I decided to try P90X again.  I did about 45 days of it pre-engagement, but never finished.  I decided this time I'd do it, for real...the complete 90 days.  Well, the first 30 days or Phase 1 as they call it, is complete and I am super excited!!!  On to the pics, so you can see how it's going:

My tummy has definitely slimmed down and so have my legs. I also have tons more energy! I am seriously loving this workout. More pics to come in 30 days. ~Kendra~

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