Tuesday, November 5, 2013

P90X Update

It’s day Day 22 of P90X and the hubby and I are still going strong!  I am loving this program, the other Bombshell coaches and this awesome Beachbody community.  It’s crazy how you can feel so close to a great group of girls in such a short time. It’s such a blessing!!    

So on to the workouts: We did Plyometrics last night and I’m feeling it…in a good way! I have come to enjoy and oddly appreciate the day-after-workout soreness.  It’s like a battle scar. It reminds me I’m working hard and I’m pushing myself to be better.  Even better is when u stretch and do the next workout and you feel even more energized. 

On another workout related note, I have literally never in my life done an actual unassisted pull-up.  (Gasps all around) I know….I was that embarrassed kid during elementary school physical fitness testing that just had to hang there, because it just wasn’t going to happen.  (Same with ‘guy’ push-ups.)  So I am on it, I am committed to doing at least 1 unassisted pull-up and 1 ‘guy’ push-up by the end of this 90 day journey through my first full round of P90X.  (I have been attempting them every day and I feel like I’m getting closer.)  As dorky as it sounds, I will be sooooo excited when I can say I’ve accomplished that!!

Next to discuss, the food:  I ordered Shakeology yesterday, so I will be starting that as soon as it’s delivered….I’ve heard so many good things about it and can’t wait to give it a try. As for the P90X meal plan, I love it.  After a little planning, I have it down pat.  I make plenty of each kind of soup Sunday night so I don’t have to make it during the week, make our lunches the night before and prep all our snacks for the week on Sundays.  I also do all the grocery shopping on Sunday.  The initial investment was a little pricey, but since we’re just restocking now it’s back down to our normally allotted amount, which is great! (The hubs, AKA, the budgeter, is super happy about that last part.) I have become a huge fan of veggies and soups….I didn’t eat horrible before, but I def didn’t eat anywhere near this clean.  I feel so much less bloated and yucky after eating…even a ‘big’ meal: Fish, veggies, organic brown rice and soup….I still feel good and ready to workout.  I’m a fan!!
So how about you?  What workout or meal plan are you doing?  How’s it going for you?  If you need any help picking out a meal plan or exercise routine, let me know…I’d love to help any way I can!!

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