Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Bombshell Leadership Retreat: Will you be there?

Back in March, I qualified to go on an awesome, all expenses paid retreat with my fellow Beachbody coaches in Pittsburgh.  We spent the weekend getting to know the people we'd only seen on Facebook, building relationships and learning a TON about how to grow our businesses.  Kati, my awesome coach, treated us to an incredible weekend....seriously, it was a GAME-CHANGER!!

The weekend included wine, workouts, gifts and girl time. <3 p="">

Built forever friendships with like-minded ladies!

Received powerful training from an Elite Coach.

Thanks to that weekend, I got to meet and bond with the girl who's now become my Success Partner, Megan:

But even more exciting than that retreat back in March is that this November...I get to take some of my coaches with me to an amazing Leadership Retreat in Florida.  Want to know how you get to go?  The only requirement is that you must be a Diamond Team Bombshell Evolution Coach.

If you've though about becoming a coach or want to learn's the time to get plugged in so you can come with me to this amazing retreat!  Fill out an application HERE and we'll chat about the team, coaching and if it's a good fit for you.  ~Kendra~

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