Sunday, August 17, 2014

3 Day Refresh Results

Let's start with WHY I needed a little refresh.....well, back track to early June 2014.  My back started hurting and after a week the pain grew so intense that my husband took me to a Rapid Med center to get it checked out. I was basically hunched over in pain.  The doctor made sure I wasn't ill and sent me on my way with some pain super smart hubby suggested I go to a Chiropractor, so the next week that's just what I did and man, am I glad I did.  
He did X-rays and found out my neck was slanted abnormally, I had slight scoliosis in the middle of my back and the vertebrae at the bottom of my back were smushed (yes, that's a technical term lol) together. 
I started going to him three times a week for shock therapy, adjustments and acupuncture. As time went along my back started feeling better and now I'm only going twice a week....yay!!  I recently got cleared to start exercising again, but during my back injury my eating went to to get on track with that and my exercise i kicked off the 3 Day Refresh.  I started by taking the dreaded BEFORE pics....check 'em out:

Yup, I felt super fluffy and just not my best....

Day one of the 3 day refresh:
I started at 139.8lbs, a fluffy tummy and low energy.  On day 1, I did a PiYo workout, which really helped to loosen up my back.  Drinking my Shakeology for breakfast was not only filling, but it also helped me stay on track with drinking it daily.  I was worried that i'd feel hungry all day, but i didn't....I did have to go to the restroom at least once an hour with all those fluids!!! lol  But hey, my desk is far from the bathroom so I got in some extra step. (Always look at the positive, right)
Day two of the 3 day refresh:
I was down a pound and my energy was up.  Did another PiYo workout and woke up early to do it.  I've found that getting my workout in before my day gets started makes it waaay more likely that it will get done.  The Fiber drink was not my fav so I decided to use a bit less water on this day so I could just chug it down.  Well, I didn't use any ice...this made it a goopy consistency.  
TIP: The colder the water the better the Fiber drink mixes!!
Other than the fiber drink, everything tasted yummy!! ;-)
Day three of the 3 day refresh:
Day 3 went really well...I was so excited that I completed 2 days that I had the confidence to finish up strong.  Got in another PiYo workout and stuck to the plan 100% again.  Yay!  It was a little tough, because my hubby decided to make the yummiest meals every for dinner all three of these days so on the last day i was dreaming of what dinner I was going to have the following day lol.
I planned it to end where the next day was my PiYo rest day and my hubby and I's date night....the perfect storm! lol
Sooooo the results are in! When I started on my journey with the 3 day refresh, I had no idea I would get these kind of results!  Most people have lost between 3-5lbs in three days....although I only lost 2.3 the difference in inches around my tummy was AMAZING!!!  I lost a ton of the fluff and just felt solo much better.  Since my back injury in early June my diet suffered like no ones business!  My workouts were nonexistent too, so that in combination with my diet, I needed something BIG to kick off my weight loss again. I still have about 20 lbs to go to hit my ultimate weight loss goal, so I’m a work in progress, but the refresh totally helped me get my groove back.

PS: My diet was really really suffering before I started this, I was eating horribly since my back injury.  I didn't cheat at all during those 3 days. I absolutely plan on doing this quarterly!! If you need extra support on your fitness journey, please feel free to add me as your free Beachbody Coach!!
If you are ready to kickstart your weight loss and want some support doing the 3 day refresh, check it out HERE!  ~Kendra~

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