Wednesday, August 6, 2014

7 Day Coach Sneak Peek Starting Soon

Have you heard I love my "job"? I love getting those messages saying I've inspired someone or running into people at an event hearing how they lost weight and feel better. It's the fuel that lights my FIRE and DRIVES me to keep going.
I love helping people change their lives for an amazingly better one. We can all relate to being in a place where we have no energy and the pants don't fit. Or going to the doctor and getting news that's maybe not so good... Not knowing where to start and knowing it's a huge mountain to climb. That's why we band together, as a fitness family, lifting each other up with encouragement to start and to keep going.
It's a rewarding job and it keeps us coaches on track at the same time.
So come and take a look.
If you've ever been curious now is the time.
We start Monday.
No obligation
No pressure.
Do you have a burning desire to do something bigger than you?
Do you have the desire to get yourself or your family out of a rut?
Add me on Facebook and then message me if you'd like to take a peek.  ~Kendra~

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