Saturday, January 25, 2014

Keep the Faith & Keep it up!!!

How many of you eat healthy, workout and follow your plan exactly...and then decide to weigh yourself and NOTHING has changed making you feel like you want to give up, eat everything in sight and throw your hands up to say...I guess I'm just going to be like this FOREVER !??  (((I've been there, for sure!)))
Trust me, I KNOW firsthand how frustrating this journey can be. Sometimes it feels like you're just spinning in circles...going nowhere fast.

BUT...I am asking you to keep going and have FAITH. You can set a goal to have a crazy INCREDIBLE transformation, to lose weight and fit into those skinny jeans...But to see success and MAINTAIN results....FIRST you must focus on creating healthy habits, putting healthy practices into place and getting your mind right.

The weight wasn't gained in one's not going to disappear overnight either!  Unfortunately, all things worth having take time. Focus on what you can control: maintaining a healthy routine and being excited about your goals.

I take accountability pics, because it renews my mind each and every time I see them! It reminds me WHY my goals are important to me...WHY I'm ok skipping the pizza (My weakness)...and WHY I am committed to living a healthy lifestyle. Taking that weekly pic is going to put you in the right mindset and remind you WHY your goals are SO important to you!

Let's all pledge to stop the negative self talk, beating ourselves up and getting down on ourselves when others around us meet their goals.  Don't let the frustrations of the journey deter you from the ultimate goal.  Keep your eye on the prize!!

So take a chance to think about your WHY...what will keep you motivated? Why are you on this journey? What is your WHY???    ~Kendra~

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