Sunday, January 26, 2014

10 Tips to eating healthy while eating out:

1. Have some bran
If possible, just before you go out, have a small bowl of high-fiber cold cereal with skim or almond milk and all-natural sweetener. This will take the edge off your appetite, so you won't feel like you're starving and end up binge eating.
2. Order water
Drinking water will not only help you feel fuller, it's also ZERO calories and healthy.  It's an all-around better option than sugary soda.

3. Eat Slow down and Savor Your Food
Remember to eat slowly to give your brain the time it needs to realize you are FULL. Put your fork down between mouthfuls, chew completely and savor your meal.  Chowing down as quickly as possible leads to you eating way more than you even realize.

4. Say Bye Bye to Bread
Ask the server not to bring bread or to remove the bread basket once everyone else had a chance to grab some. The longer it sits on the table, the more likely you will be tempted to dig in.

5. Start with soup or salad
Order a soup or salad as you're 1st course. This will keep you from being hungry while others are filling up on bread. Stick to chunky vegetable or bean-based soups. Avoid cream-based soups, such as potato soup. When ordering a salad, as for the dressing on the side so you decide how much to use.  Avoid Caesar salads, which already have dressing and are generally high calorie.

6. Ask for extra veggies
Since you probably won’t have the option of boiled potatoes or organic brown rice.....ask for a double serving of vegetables instead.

7. Stick with lean protien
Try low-fat cuts of meat or poultry.Fish and shellfish are excellent choices but stay away from breading and fried options. Remember that serving sizes tend to be VERY generous in restaurants, so I usually opt for only eating a portion of the meal.

8. Ask for a side of sauce
As with salads, ask that any sauces or gravies be served on the side so you can use your own portions.

9. Take it to-go
Ask for a to-go box as soon as you get your meal and then (Before eating) scoop 1/2 into the to-go box. You can also try asking if they serve 'light plates' if you don't want to take home leftovers.

10. Finish with fruit
For dessert, instead of cake or options that contain endless amounts of bad sugars, try choosing fresh fruit and berries—without the ice cream, of course! If you are hankering for something sweet, sprinkle on some all-natural sweetener like Stevia. (I always keep a few packs in my purse just in case)

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