Thursday, January 30, 2014

Get PAID to get fit & help others!!

We have a LOT of new coaches signing on right now... and honestly - those people are making such a smart decision. Business wise... how MANY people do you know making healthier choices in the new year? MOST people do. Makes sense to join us BEFORE now.

These coaches are joining our team NOW. They are plugging in with our FIRST Coach Training group of the year  SO THAT.... they have a foundation and solid understanding of the business as they start off the new year right!! 

FEB- APRIL ---->>>> they are fully prepared to help themselves, 
help others & as a result PAY OFF DEBT. 

I'd love for you to consider joining our first Coach Training Group of 2014! I am only selecting those who are serious about committing 20 minutes A DAY to learning the business (Crazy mentor, right?) 

I pass on EXACTLY what I do to my team. If you are serious about helping yourself, helping others & paying off debt - I want you on my team!!!

If you are serious about that INSANE 20 minute commitment & want to be considered for a spot in my training group...So GO HERE to become a coach!   ~Kendra~

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