Thursday, March 17, 2011

Diet Update #1

My diet has been going really well so far. I have stuck to my 1,200 calorie plan for 2 days in a row...I know I'm just beginning, but hey...You have to start somewhere :) I've also maintained the same weight (at least I haven't gained) and hope to see some downward movement very soon! Also, I have decided I need to incorporate a variety of healthy foods...not just yogurt, weight loss shakes, fruit, etc. I want to branch out, so tommorow after work I plan to go to Whole Foods to do some shopping and try some different low cal foods and see what I like :) Also, I have started walking, which is what my Dr recommended. He said not to workout hardcore or with weights, because that could make me gain muscle weight and plataue with my weight loss more quickly, which wouldn't be good. Also, I have been drinking water like there's no tommorow...usually 6 bottles or more a day. Yay!! No sweet tea since 3/13 and no sodas since that's definately some great progess. I seem to be rambling, so until I have a specific topic to go on and on about I guess I will sleep :) Super sleepy!! ~Kendra~

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