Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Today's Mini Challenge: #WhatImEating

It's OFFICIALLY Day One of my 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge!! ((There's still time to join in!!))

Each day, for the next 5 days, I'll post a mini challenge and today's is all about what you're eating. Share a pic of one of your clean eating meals and post it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...wherever) with ‪#‎WhatImEating.  

Everyone who participates will be placed in a drawing and the winner will receive a Shakeology sample pack, recipes and a little bonus prize. Can't wait to see what everyones eating today!!!
Comment below with a link to your social media profile once you're done so I can all go to your page and check it out.

Also, make sure we're friends so I can message you about claiming your PRIZE.

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