Tuesday, January 13, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme by Autumn Calabrese Launches in February

Did you try Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix and have amazing results? Well then, I've got some GREAT news! She's launching a brand new program called the 21 Day Fix EXTREME and it's coming out February 2, 2015! 

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If you haven't tried the original 21 Day Fix, it's available NOW, and it’s perfect for beginner and intermediate exercisers. The 21 Day Fix EXTREME program is designed for someone who's needing to lose those last few pounds to get shredded and wants to up their intensity! This program's designed to help you get AMAMZING results by upping both your fitness and nutrition game! Autumn’s experience as a fitness competitor makes a HUGE difference in knowing how and what to eat and what workouts to do to help YOU get in the BEST shape of your life in just 21 days.

Want to learn more about celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese?

Autumn's a certified, celebrity fitness trainer to people like Rachel Zoe, Brooke Burke and MORE. She’s also a well-known fitness competitior whose placed in each competition she’s competed in. You may have also seen her on the cover of Oxygen magazine if you’re into heavy lifting and eating clean.
She also created the original 21 Day Fix that continually sold out and is now the #1 fitness and nutrition program in the United States. Her unique meal plan that allows you to never count a calorie and no-nonsense workouts are perfect for anyone, and now she’s taking those concepts to the EXTREME for max results. (View the Original 21 Day Fix and learn more on Autumn here)

What's the difference between the original 21 Day Fix and the EXTREME version?

Besides all the brand new workouts that have tons more intensity, there's a new nutrition plan focused on getting you your max results. You'll still be using your food containers and practicing portion control, but you'll also be eating COMPLETLY clean...Get ready to say goodbye to the waffles and hello to your ab muscles!!

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