Saturday, September 6, 2014

PiYo: 4 Week Progress Update

Hey y'all....I can't believe how quickly the 1st 1/2 (4 weeks) of PiYo has flown by!!!  This has been by far the easiest workout program to stick to for me.  Not sure why....maybe it's because I workout in the mornings now or maybe because Chalene (the PiYo trainer) is so motivating.  Whatever it is, I'm LOVING it!

When I took my progress pics this morning I was thinking....I bet there hasn't been a huge change since Week 2, but I was really surprised to see more definition in my tummy.  Checkout where I started on Day 1.....

Once I hit the two week mark I decided to take some progress pics....checkout the change between Day 1 and Day 14:

Working out in the morning has really helped me stay on track and I'm so excited to say that over these last 4 weeks I haven't missed 1 single workout.....I usually miss a few workouts, but NOT this time!!!!  Yay!  So here we official 4 week progress pics:

(Above) From right to left it's Day 1, Day 14 and Day 28.  Woohoo!!!  

Have you considered trying out PiYo? If so, I'd love to help encourage and coach you along the way.  To add me as your coach, CLICK HERE!!!  To checkout more info on PiYo, CLICK HERE!!

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