Saturday, September 27, 2014

2-A-Day Workouts....Say What??!!

So last Sunday I was hanging out around the house and decided to get two workouts in.  I felt so great after that I decided to make it a thing... Since I'm already up at 5am to feed the pups and keep them occupied while they mosey around the backyard ((with me just waiting for the to FINALLY potty!)). Why not take advantage of that time instead of sitting in the porch swing like a bump on a log. haha

So that's exactly what I did this week.....double workouts everyday minus Thursday (My PiYo rest day).    Check out a few of my workouts.....

Honestly, I have this weird motivation that randomly kicks how I originally lost over 60 lbs. People always ask "What happened that made you change?" I always so no....I literally just woke up one day said enough is enough and I'm doing this.  Then I simply started tracking my food in a journal, working out to random Zumba workouts on YouTube and on until I reached my goal.  There was no BIG ah-ha moment, no horrible experience that made me finally decide to do what needed to be done.  I just decided and stuck with it....

And I guess that's what I did with 2-a-day workouts too.  I have big goals (actually tiny, toned ab sized goals hahaha) and sitting on my bum isn't gonna help me get HERE GOES!!

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