Thursday, June 5, 2014

FREE 21 Day Clean Eating Challenge: Starts June 9th


Have you been struggling with finding the right foods to eat to fuel your body or maybe you just aren't exactly sure where to get started....or maybe you are looking for a group of women to go through the journey with. Well, I am soooo excited to let you know about my upcoming FREE 21 Clean Eating Challenge that's starting June 9th. 

21 Days is all I'm asking of both you and myself. 

So....why not go ahead and just start eating clean on your own? can totally do that, BUT...... by doing so you'll miss out on some awesome tips, accountability, meeting new like-minded people and seeing clean eating from other people's perspectives as y'all try this together.

Each day I'll post motivation, tips, recipes and more to help you keep going towards your goals. I’ll also be providing you with a Challenge Guide for you to stick on your fridge or on your computer— wherever helps to remind you of the rules of the challenge and how to survive the 21 days! 

Here's an example of how I eat clean, so you can have an idea of what to expect:

1. Chicken with broccoli and sweet potato (Lunch)
2. Cantaloupe & Chocolate Shakeology (Breakfast)
3. Carrots & hummus 
4. Grapes 
5. Strawberry Shakeology 
6. Grilled fish with broccoli and sweet potato (Dinner)
**Not pictured: 2 cups of peach mango green tea that I had with breakfast & dinner, plus 2 tsps of PB as an after workout snack.**

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, then add me on Facebook & message me or fill out this application to be added to the group.

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