Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Would you like to be your own boss?

A little over 7 months ago I had the opportunity to join a Beachbody Challenge Group. I knew NOTHING about it, other than some info I found on a coaches blog (like this one lol). I was hoping to lose the last 15 pounds and learn how to truly eat even healthier, as I knew my healthy eating habits weren't quiet mastered yet. Even though I did ZERO research on it, my hubby and I agreed I should try Shakeology, because there were no strings attached and I put full trust in my coach to lead me in the right direction. This was my whole approach to joining a challenge group because of the prior 12 months leading up to it. For the past year, I had tried P90X on my own, gotten down to a healthy weight and began to have a passion for health & fitness. Then, one day while scouring the internet for P90X transformations and motivation I stumbled upon my coaches blog.  She had everything from daily motivation, to nutritional tips, to recipes and Beachbody products. She was proof that not only did Beachbody products work, but being a Beachbody coach led her to live a life by her own design....she's been able to quiet her 9-5 job and work from home, which was my dream for my own family.

Instead of just participating in the challenge group, I just went ahead and signed up as a Beachbody Coach, because I just KNEW it was a good fit for me. So, I actively started coaching, which has brought me here today. I can not say enough about how Beachbody has changed my life. Aside from getting in the best shape of my life and implementing a healthy lifestyle, I have helped numerous people do the same and made tons of friendships along the way.

Now that I have been able to build my business and actually earn an income, I have been getting messages about what exactly I do and how it works. 
As a result, I have started mentoring coaches on my team through a 30 day Coach Apprenticeship program. Throughout the 30 days, I walk my coaches through the daily steps that I take in order to be successful. 


Here is a quick snap shot of the opportunity:

  • After as little as one to three months, your weekly pay could be anywhere from $100-$250. From there, you could earn over $500 per week. If you are consistent with your business, within a couple of years, you could be well on your way to a six figure income.
  • There are major incentives! You are eligible for monthly prizes and rewards honoring your success, including an all expense paid trip to Cancun in April of 2015 at the Moon Palace Resort.
  • You will have access to top notch training through weekly calls and optional on-site locations from some of the top coaches in the company. You will be a part of the #1 team IN THE COMPANY!
  • You will also have to opportunity to attend the Beachbody Summit Conference in Las Vegas! This trip is full of training's, motivational speakers, new product launches, and fun events that will all help boost your business!
  • We can't forget the perk of getting 25% off of any and ALL Beachbody products that you purchase, which includes your monthly Shakeology! (Woot, woot!!)
  • And of course, you will have to opportunity to change peoples lives. You will have an impact on helping people gain self confidence while hitting their goals that they once considered "unreachable." There is not greater feeling than having someone thank YOU for putting happiness back in their lives.

So I have to ask. What would you do with some extra weekly cash? Would it help pay for some monthly bills that you are struggling with? Would it provide you with a fun family vacation that you won't have to worry about paying off after it's over? This is a company that values their employees. This is a company that allows you to put as much or as little time as you want into your business. You could work it part time or full time because YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS! 

I feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity. Because of Beachbody, I have been HUGE goals and am able to help ease my family's financial burden. I don't have to worry about how we are going to pay for any of our expenses and I am able to help support my family with the income that I am making. 

And guess what? Believe it or not, there are ZERO strings attached! Yes, that's right! ZERO! If you give it a try and discover that maybe it isn't for you, you can stop with no problem at all. At the very least, you have helped yourself get in shape and live a healthy life while being a product of he product. 

If you are interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle and have a passion for helping others, this could be the perfect opportunity for you!  Again, I only have 5 spots available. By reserving your spot, you have access to my exclusive coach apprenticeship that will help jump start YOUR business. 

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