Monday, August 1, 2011

Clean Eating Day 1 Update

Day of clean eating has been's a breakdown:

1cup of All natural cinnamon cereal and 1cup of Silk

Snack 1:
2 cups of purple grapes

Snack 2:
1 cup of dry all natural cinnamon cereal

Baked Chicken Breast and Mized Veggies

Snack 3:
1 Lg Banana (Sliced)

Turkey meatloaf and sweet potatoe fries

Yummy food....even better than the "healthy" processed meals I'd become so accustomed to.  I am also really enjoying cooking and preparing meals...I think it's because this time I made the concious choice to do it....when I do something, because I "have to" I either hate it or don't do  Bad on my part I know, but the good thing, the empowering thing about this journey to weight loss and overall total health was my choice.  It was something I decided for myself, which gives me the fire and determination to keep going, because it's not something on my checklist I have to get done and wanna rush through, it's something I'm willing to work on and give my 100% effort too.  I am just loving this whole journey. :)  I feel like it was finnaly my time to choose the change needed to succeed.  ~Kendra~

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