Saturday, August 6, 2011

Todays a HUGE day for me........

I've hit the 50lbs lost mark......Can you believe it?  I know I can't!!!  I got up this morning, like any normal day, and trudged into the bathroom for my morning routine and weighed myself.  The scale said 144.4....seriously???!!!  I instantly texted my bf and called my mom....I was sooo excited!!!  I decided this was the day to finally clean out my closet off all my clothes that don't fit, which has been super fun, but I don't have many clothes left, so next Friday as soon as I get my next's shopping time for sure!! 
Other exciting news...I get my braces off and my teeth whitened on the 15th.  Yay!!!  I am mega excited about all the exciting things going on right now.  Oh and I have been loving my new job...and have been doing a lot of overtime (by choice) which I totally hated at my old job, but at my new job time flies by and I just love it!!!

Hope everyone else is doing great too!! :)  ~Kendra~

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