Sunday, August 7, 2011

Clean Eating.....must include planning ahead!!!

If you don't plan ahead you probably won't have clean meals on hand when meal/snack time comes around....especially if you have a full time job and are super busy like most of us are.  One way I plan ahead is by grocery shopping and cooking ahead for the week on Sundays.  I plan all my meals ahead, which keeps calories in check, keeps meals clean and saves time when overtime hours are worked and time is of the essence.

(My fridge full of all the prepared and portioned meals and snacks)

First of all, make sure you have plenty of tupperware, which will allow you to store all your preplanned meals as needed.  My fav tupperware for lunchs and dinners are from Walmart.  They are less than $2 for 3 sets and they have 2 sections for your main entree and then your side dish. They are also a perfect size...not too big, but not too tiny either.  I also like to use garage sale like dot sticks to put the calorie count of each meal on the tupperware, so I can easily track my calories throughout the day.  I also place a little strip of clear tape on top, so the numbers don't fade away.

Once I have my groceries and tupperware, I decide what meals I want to make.  I had my heart set on making chilli and also wanted to re-make the turkey bake receipe i made up last week. 

(Above, Chicken and Black Bean Chilli)

(Turkey bake and carrots)

Then I grilled a pound of chicken on the George Foreman and turned that into a few random but supper yummy meals as well.  I also pulled out the batch of brown rice I had made yesterday to add some heartyness to the meals.

(Cheesy Chicken and Rice with Asparagus)

(Chicken and Potatoes w/ Greek Yogurt on top (tastes like sour cream) and Asparagus)

(Chicken Salad and Bread, to make a sandwhich....had this for dinner tonight)

(Chicken and Mushrooms Over Rice with Guac)

(Marinara Mushroom Chicken and Rice with Asparagus)

I also prepacked my snacks, like these grapes, and tried to keep each snack about 100 cals, these grase are 90cals for 1 and 1/2 cups.....and such a yummy snack!!

Hope you all enjoyed this little look into how I get ready for the week ahead with clean eating.  If you would like me to share some receipes let me know.  :)  ~Kendra~

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