Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Well, today is my last day at my current job....I've been here over a yr and a half.  It's my 1st "big girl" post college job.  It's been super challenging, fun, made friends and learned a lot about myself.  I'm definately going to miss my Work Bestie!!! 

I'm excited to do something new....I acctually start my new job tommorow.  :)  I know....I really should've put a day off work in between, but I wasn't able to give my old job as much notice as I wanted too, so ahh well.  At least the weekend isn't too far away.  So while I'm training for the next week and a half my work schedule will be 8-5pm, but after that it will be 11am-8pm, which I'm really excited about...that means I have more flexibility on my orthodonist and other doctor appointments, I can workout and have breakfast with my boyfriend whenever, and he works till 10pm, so it doesn't collide w/ his schedule and acctually gives us more time together. 

Wish me luck on my last day today and first day tommorow.   ~Kendra~

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