Sunday, June 19, 2011

Still moving....

Everything's still moving along....the scale, my career, my's all going and it seems to be headed in a  good direction. :)  My first 2 days (Thursday and Friday) at my new job went great.  I learned a ton by simply job shadowing and watching someone do what I will be doing.  This coming week  I will be going to offsite classroom training for the whole week...not sure what to expect for that, but I am excited.  I have already preplanned all my outfits for the week.  Now that  I've seen how others dress and what the other people are like that work there....I think I'm going to fit in to the culture just fine.  Everyone seems to be relatively young in my dept.....mid 20's to early 30's.  Also, everyone dresses super cute...a mix of JCrew and Cosmo style....gotta love that!!

As for the is still heading downward, which is awesome!!!  I'm almost at the 40lbs lost mark....yay!  Can't wait to reach that exciting milestone. :)  A little over 20lbs till I'm at my goal, which at the rate I'm going my doctor said should be in the next 2mths. Yesterday I did my first 5 I did walk the majority of it....but I'm pretty sure 5miles is the most I've ever done.  I'm on my way to that, that's gonna be interesting.  I'm sore from just 5!! lol  Also, have been loving doing random workout routines and Zumba stuff I find on fun and easy, because you don't even have to leave the house, but still leaves me feeling worked and sweaty. hehe

On to life in's going good as well!  My brother went to Prom, graduated HS, and is now moving on to a program for adults with disabilities...he had his first day last week and my parents said it went much better than expected.  Change is really hard for him, but he's adapting really well.  Also, said goodbye to all my old work friends...on my last day as a Career Advisor they all signed a card for me and got me a cake that said "Miss You" on it.  So sweet!! My dogs are doing good as well...they're do for a haircut, but will probably get that done in a week or so.  Also, need to get my apartment carpet cleaned and hope to be getting a leather couch for my living room soon.  Right now I have a fabric couch and I feel like leather (or faux leather) would be so much easier to keep clean...especially with puppies who shed!  Wow....that was a big update hehe  That's all I've got for now. :)  ~Kendra~

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