Saturday, October 19, 2013

P90X....On Day #5 and Going Strong

Day 1-4 We're a big my evening schedule, to my cooking, to my food, etc. I am so glad it's the weekend so I can enjoy some much needed relaxation. I started day 1 weighing 136.4 and I am now at 134.8.  Woooohooo!!! Also, I feel a lot less bloated and just overall good/excited about the process.  I even contacted a Beachbody coach about accountability.  I'm all in...I really wanna finish the entire 90 days ;-)  The food is delish and there's lots of variety throughout the week. The hardest part for me is def the yoga DVD....I am not a big fan of yoga.  I made it through about 45mins of it which I'm proud of.  I'm really hoping to finish it sometime's just so boring to me. I need to just suck it up and do it....I'll get there!! The weekends are also tough, so if I can make it through the weekend eating healthy the entire time, it will be great. The hubs and I usually eat out the most on weekends, but I'm confident that I can stick with it....I just want it so bad!  I already lost so much weight in the past, surely I can make this change, not just for 90 days, but new eating habits for life.  ~Kendra~

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